Photos & Resources for Episode 11

Part 3: Universal Basic Income with Juha Jarvinen

Finnish News: "Finland's basic income experiment begins: one man looks forward to a new start"

Juha's Facebook post about his initial experience with Basic Income

The Daily Star (Lebanon): "Finland's jobless welcome universal basic income trial"

Futurism: "Meet the Person Whose Life Is Being Changed by Universal Basic Income"

Politico: "Finland experiments with giving away free money: Ground-breaking basic income trial will test whether it removes barriers to work."

The Basic Income Podcast: "Alexis Frasz on what the Basic Income would mean to the Arts Community"

Juha's Personal Videos
* Juha’s videos of his children playing have become popular in Finland because of the adventurous spirit he both allows and encourages in his home. He cultivates an atmosphere of freedom, with loving support.