Episode 12: Happiness

In this episode, our guests awaken us to our misguided reliance on the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, an inadequate guide that has deceived us about our progress and wellbeing.  They are on a mission to find alternatives that will better track and direct us toward a healthy future.  Eric Zencey, a professor and a fellow at the Gund Center for Ecological Economics, introduces the Genuine Progress Indicator to the state of Vermont. And Julia Kim takes us to Bhutan, where she designs programs to measure and promote happiness in communities around the world.

Original Broadcast: April 29, 2017 

Episode 11: Automation

pjimage (3).jpg

In this episode we consider automation as the secret culprit of job loss in plain sight. Peter Frase, author of Four Futures, discerns choices we face as robots march into every facet of our lives. Kathi Weeks, Associate Professor at Duke University, and author of The Problem with Work, questions our relationship to work as a multi-faceted solution to financial despair. And we visit Juha Jarvinen in the forest of Northern Finland, where he takes part in a cutting edge income experiment that holds promise of freeing us to pursue our highest potential.

Original Broadcast: March 25, 2016

Episode 10: Restaurants

In this episode we connect dots about the restaurant industry.  Saru Jayaraman, founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United illuminates the disturbing history behind restaurant customs and potent change afoot.  Ben Hall and Jason Murphy bring poetry to utility at their Russell Street Deli in Detroit, to the empowerment of all, and remind us of the power of friendship.

Original Broadcast: February 4, 2016