Episode 10: Restaurants

In this episode we connect dots about the restaurant industry.  Saru Jayaraman, founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United illuminates the disturbing history behind restaurant customs and potent change afoot.  Ben Hall and Jason Murphy bring poetry to utility at their Russell Street Deli in Detroit, to the empowerment of all, and remind us of the power of friendship.

Original Broadcast: February 4, 2016

Episode 9: Revelations in African American History

In this episode we explore the story of power, influence and perils of African Americans navigating the country’s economic systems through history. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, author and professor at John Jay College, tells how cooperatives were means of survival and a game-changing force.  And Hannibal Johnson, author and attorney sets the record straight on the forgotten Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Original Broadcast: December 3, 2016

Episode 8: Board Games

In this episode, New York Times bestselling author, Mary Pilon, reveals the hundred-year-old intrigue behind the invention of the game Monopoly: its original intent was not a celebration of capitalism but a lesson in its abuses.  And we speak with Brian van Slyke, a young game designer who resurrects original intent with 21st Century flair and international reception with his game: Coopoly. 

Original Broadcast: November 5, 2016